Poster Painting:
Shown above BG #75, acrylic/canvas, 30"x 42", sold

Bonnie MacLean made the following of the Fillmore Posters numbered series in the late '60s: BG63 through 68; BG71 through 73; BG75 through 77; BG79, BG84; BG86 through 91; BG95, BG96, BG99, BG100, BG102, BG197, BG198, BG209, and BG215.


Will accept commissions to paint in large format (30" x 42") your favorite Fillmore Poster from the above list. Price: $7,000. Work can be seen in poster books currently available at your bookstore: The Art of Rock, Paul D. Grushkin, Abbeville Press, New York, NY, 1987 The Art of the Fillmore, 1966-1971; Gayle Lemke, Acid Test Productions, Petaluma, CA, 1997 “Off The Wall; Psychedelic Rock Posters from San Francisco”, Amelie Gastaut and Jean-Pierre Criqui, Thames & Hudson, 2004.